Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Know How I Know You're Gay? You're Bummed "Men In Trees" Got Cancelled

I thought I'd save you all the trouble of making fun of me by casting the first stone. Yes, I will admit now that I've been a closet MIT fan since episode 1 and will be broken hearted to see the show go away, even if it had turned into a jumbled mess of contrivance. I even stuck around for the multiple month gaps between new episodes, changes in days/times, and plot twists that skirted further and further away from logic.

The appeal of the show was in the ensemble cast. A friendly group of characters with good hearts and good intentions. Anne Heche, who is so divisive to most people, was one of the least interesting people on the show. I'll be sad to see them all go. Even though this second season had lead some of them astray (memory loss due to being struck by lightning, bar owner buys a bad hockey team and moves them to nowhere Elmo, Alaska, ex-hooker starts dating a minister who tries to practice abstinence), they were still a nice group of people to catch up with once a week just like they did as they gathered at the local bar, The Chieftain. Plus, I was still holding out hope that they'd bring Justine Bateman back. I still have a crush on her from her "Family Ties" days. She's aged beautifully.

The show was total comfort food. Just a nice, breezy 40 mins of fluff (once you've FF thru the commercials). It will be missed.

And, I guess I wasn't quick enough to save "Aliens In America". That got the axe too. Shame. Why does everything I love leave me? Stay tuned for a rant on how VH1 Classic has left me a widower.


Marilyn said...

I think I would have liked Men in Trees, because the way you describe it, it sounds a lot like Northern Exposure - which I LOVED! Mom

AnnieB said...

I'm bummed too! I liked the quirky, good-hearted cast and the picturesque setting. I also loved Anne Heche's winter wardrobe..cute parkas, belted trenches, beautiful scarves... I, too, have watched since episode one--my "comfort food".