Thursday, May 15, 2008

Loser Boozer

Even with as poorly as Boozer’s been playing, it hasn’t directly affected the outcome of a game, necessarily. Not a big one anyway. The Jazz would just be in a better position to win some games if he played better. That all changed last night. The Jazz had a million chances to take over that game and put the Lakers’ backs against the wall and they couldn’t do it, in true Jazz fashion. And, Boozer was mostly to blame.

In a close game like that when you’re on the road in the playoffs with a chance to steal a big game you need your best players playing like they should. Boozer couldn’t do it. Odom ate his lunch on virtually every possession. I never realized how bad a defender he is until this series. He just isn’t quick enough to compete. And, he’s being too big of a puss offensively to make up for it. Notice how rarely he is dunking. Such a big strong guy who did it a lot during the season has only managed maybe one or two the entire playoffs. If the Jazz lose this series, and they probably will, the target should be squarely on his enormous forehead. He’s to blame, totally and completely.

Well, Korver deserves some blame too. He can’t hit a 3 and that’s his sole purpose for living. He’s something like 6 for 30 from downtown. Every time he throws one up I well up with hope and faith and then deflate with a thud feeling stupid because I should know better after he inevitably misses.

I was the sickest I’ve ever been watching a sporting event last night during that game. I wanted to throw up. Impulses would try to propel me into hysteria, cheering for my guys, but they could never unlock it. They just managed to disappoint like they always do. It sucks to be a Utah sports fan.

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