Thursday, May 8, 2008

Please Watch Aliens In America

I just need to give a shout out to a great show that is totally off the radar. Aliens In America is on the CW on Sundays right after Everybody Hates Chris (another great ignored show). It gets poor ratings and is considered “on the bubble” to come back next season.

I’m sure that doesn’t mean much to any of you because almost no one watches it, but it’s a great show, very funny and real and subtle and deserves a bigger audience. It’s very much in the same vein as Wonder Years, in that it’s about awkward adolescence, simple humanity, has no laugh track, is narrated by the main character, and it isn’t filmed on a sound stage.

It’s basically the story of nerdy high schooler, Justin Tolchuk, and his life and family in suburban Wisconsin. His parents are nice and loving, but goofy, and his sister is younger and hot and popular. His parents decide to try and broaden their kids horizons and agree to take in an exchange student, only to find out he’s from Pakistan. This is the source for a lot of great comedy, but the show is never one-note and it’s only one of many story lines they glean for laughs.

To best appreciate it, I would seek out the pilot. Maybe you can view it online. If not, set your DVRs and give it a couple weeks. Admittedly, even with as much as I like it, I often forget how much until I’m actually watching it. So, try it more than once. Chances are you’ll smile a lot.

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Tristan said...

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