Thursday, May 15, 2008

Iron Man: The Good and Bad News

First off, Iron Man was great. It's nearly as good as the last Batman and the second Spider-Man and that's due, mostly, to Robert Downey Jr. and Director John Favreau. Oh, and for sheer eye candy, Gwyneth, who looks beautiful and classy as she matures into an older woman.

RD Jr. was a unique, but perfect choice for the role. He's so charismatic and cool, he's one of the easiest and most enjoyable actors to watch work. It helps that the Iron Man costume completely obscures his face and image that way you aren't seeing the bottom of his face or his cod piece or his nipples. Plus, he's too cool for lame sound bytes or catch phrases. And John Favreau, as in Mikey from Swingers, keeps it all loose and tight and on the up and up. He never lets the quality drop, which helps his team maintain it as well.

Did you guys know you're supposed to stay through the credits? I didn't and missed the big reveal. Apparently, they introduce the potential next villain, Nick Fury. I know nothing about the comic books, so me knowing the name doesn't mean I know or care about who that is, but here's the bad news. I understand Nick Fury is/was played by Samuel L. Jackson! If you read a few postings down from here, you'll know my feelings for SLJ. I'm SO pissed! Why do we need him in another movie, a franchise no less. He may be fine and I believe that if the same team is on board it won't suck. But, it would be nice to have something not touched by the dirty, nasty, funky SLJ hands.
Score: 8

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Eric Petersen said...

Dude, I hear you on the SLJ casting.....Nick Fury needs to be gritty:

SLJ just doesn't have it