Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sundays With The Hackings

I don't mean to sound overly suspicious, but I'm pretty sure we have a killer's sibling in our ward. Here's what I know.

The guy's name is Hacking (can't remember his first name), he is a nurse (like Mark was claiming to want to become), he has a Hispanic wife (like Mark did before he slaughtered her) and he has a goatee (like Mark did). I know that isn't much, but I think it's enough. He looks a lot like this picture, only he has thick grey hair.

I guess they are only supposed to be here for a short time, as he is on some travel nursing program. Their time should be up by now, but he was there today for the first time in a while. Maybe they're back! (That back was meant to be pronounced "baaaaccckkk" like in a scary movie).
Oviously, I haven't full on asked the guy. He probably gets that a lot. Or, he never gets it because people like me always suspect something and never say anything. Either way, it's weird.

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