Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Ol' Rick

Last week I finally purchased Rick Springfield's 2 Disc Anthology, Written In Rock and I needed to annouce that it's brought me a lot of joy.

He's an underrated artist, let's be honest about that. The guy can write a hook, tons of them. I'm getting to the point in my life where I'm a lot less interested in being cool musically. All those bands I wrote off in my twenties (REO Speedwagon, Motley Crue, Styx, Kenny Loggins, Journey, Poison, John Denver, Steely Dan, the list goes on and on), I'm happy to embrace now. It's like delayed gratification. I put off then what would make me happy later.

I do have one complaint. It gets old that Rick has to perform "Jessie's Girl" every day of his life when he has 10 or so other songs that everyone also knows. Give Jessie a rest and pull out some "Human Touch" or something. I'm sure it isn't his fault, poor guy. Those of us who know him though, know he's better than that.


AnnieB said...

Some blog I was reading just saw him at the airport and he had on an oversize fannypack! Awesome! I think it was (the former Mo famous blogger who was written about in the Wall Street Journal.)Anyway, thanks for the Human Touch!

Brooke and Jake said...

Hey! I was watching Boogie Nights for the first time a couple weeks ago and my all-time favorite scene in that movie was when Alfred Molina was in his living room dancing to his mix tapes. "Jesse's Girl" came on and that song sounded so so good right then. I'll have to listen to some more Rick.